Grade 4


Welcome to Grade 4


In 2017 the Grade 4 teaching team consists of:


4R – Damian Richards

4N – Scott Nelson

4O – Cain Oliver

4Y – Kirsty Younger

4H – Jacqui Homewood


 A typical day in Year 4 consists of reading, writing, mathematics and inquiry learning. Students might also participate in a PATHS lesson or a specialist subject.


Through our inquiry units we aim for students to develop independence and teamwork skills through the investigation of areas they are interested in. We encourage students to pose and answer their own questions or wonderings. To support our investigations in our inquiries students may be involved  in an excursion or incursion (for example, provided by EcoLinc).

This year Grade 4 students will be engaging in a camp based in Healesville, North-East of Melbourne. It is focused on supporting the students' inquiry units at school and includes a visit to the Healesville Sanctuary.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Grade 4 team should you have any enquiries about your child's leaning.