Bacchus Marsh Primary School

learning loteBacchus Marsh Primary School is a government school with a strong history of commitment to the provision of a LOTE program. Chinese Mandarin is our Second Language for students from Prep to Year 6.

The school`s Chinese language program is delivered face-to-face in a well-designed Chinese classroom as well as through Chinese cultural activities integrating the arts and sport. The program began in 2008 with our upper school expressing a desire to learn a modern language within their own classrooms.

By studying another language we value that students will:

  • gain access to other peoples ideas and ways of thinking
  • become interested in and respectful of other cultures
  • develop social and cognitive skills that will help them in other areas of the curriculum
  • improve future employment and economic opportunities

Our LOTE program focuses on developing language proficiency and promotes intercultural understanding. Studying a language better equips students to engage with others and participate fully in an increasingly globalised world.