Bacchus Marsh Primary School

learning numeracyNumeracy - to be numerate is to confidently and effectively use mathematics to meet the everyday demands of life. To be a maths problem solver is to confidently and effectively meet the challenges of the future.

At BMPS we know that Maths is an integral part of our world and our future. We engage in maths with a positive mindset. We are mathematical problem solvers. We enquire about ideas that we don’t understand and we don’t expect to be handed the answers. When solving a problem we start from what we already know, and we wonder if we can use that knowledge to move forward. We are risk takers.

We plan our strategies and discuss our ideas with our peers and our teachers. We learn from each other and celebrate our efforts; all our efforts, because it is only by making mistakes that we will move forward. We are Bacchus Marsh Primary maths students and we love maths.